Affiliate Domination Blueprint Review

Affiliate Domination Blueprint Review


Ease Of Training




Value for Money



  • Everything Shown In Over-the-Shoulder Videos
  • Very Complete Training - Step-By-Step
  • A Full Traffic Getting System with Both Free and Paid Traffic Methods
  • Full Blueprint, Case Studies, and Lots of Support All Provided Guaranteeing Your Success!
  • No Experience Required


  • May Require Some Time and Effort To Set Up Full 3-Step System

Affiliate Domination Blueprint Review

Check Out My Affiliate Domination Blueprint Review To Learn How You Can Quickly and Easily Discover The Exact Step-By-Step Blueprint That Two Super-Affiliates Use To Make $100 – $200 Per Day Online Each and Every Day In Just 3 Simple Steps!


If you are like most people who are trying to make money online, then you know what it is to struggle and lack true consistent success.  Often what most people will do is to try and “jump” from one method or technique to another without every finding any true success with any one specific method of making a consistent income online.

Well if this sounds like you (and believe me all of us, including myself, have been there) then you will see in my Affiliate Domination Blueprint Review that this is the product for you because it lays out a very simple, systematic step-by-step approach that can be followed to create a consistent day-in and day-out $100 – $200+ per day online.

Affiliate Domination Blueprint Review

Affiliate Domination Blueprint Review

This method is perfect for everyone, even complete “newbies” who have no experience whatsoever in terms of trying to make money online and it is a completely step-by-step system so nothing is really left out and you should really have everything that you would need to make the system work and build up your income to a consistent $100+ per day online.

Now, there are many different methods available online to make money such as E-Commerce, CPA, Video Marketing, etc. but Affilate Marketing (which is, of course as the name implies, what this course is all about) is one of the best methods to employ because you can build and grow this technique into a full-fledged affiliate marketing business that can actually grow from $100+ per day all the way to multiple 6-figures per year online.  Thus, starting with just this course and the necessary hard work and effort that is required for any online method to be successful, you truly could go from zero to Super-Affiliate!

Speaking of Super-Affiliates, let’s introduce the two super affiliates (and by that we mean earning multiple 6 figures online as full-time internet and affiliate marketers) behind this course Samuel Chema and Edwin Mik.

Affiliate Domination Blueprint Review

Affiliate Domination Blueprint Review

Both Samuel and Edwin have (despite the young-ish looking pictures that they have) been online for several years and have gone from really zero to 6-figure successful full-time internet marketers online.  They are also experienced with not only affiliate marketing but also CPA marketing, PPC marketing, Facebook marketing, and email marketing and they have actually put together several other highly rated products on some of these topics in the past.

What is really nice about this current product Affiliate Domination Blueprint is that they are laying out their up-to-date and current method of affiliate marketing that they have actually developed over the last several years of being “in the trenches” if you will online.  As you will see, this is a system that has been refined, fine-tuned, and simplified so that it is really broken down for you into small bite-size little steps that you can do everyday to get nice, steady, consistent affiliate commissions coming in so that you can get to a consistent $3000 to $6000+ per month online.

Without giving away too much of the course, I can say that after going through the member’s area that this is a very complete course that really lives up to the term “blueprint”.  Everything is laid out in a very complete and concise way that is very much step-by-step follow the method to success for you.  This is all demonstrated to you via detailed over-the-shoulder videos so you can actually watch and learn as Samuel and Edwin go through all of the steps with you on how to successfully make consistent affiliate income online every day.

One of the best parts about this course which is also one of my little pet-peeves if you will and where I think many courses sort of fall down on the job is the attention to traffic.  Traffic is really the lifeblood of any online business and no system, no matter how ingenious, will be a complete and total failure without the proper amount of traffic.  In other words, no matter what type of system you have set up, you need eyeballs on your offers in order to actually make money online.

Well as you will see in my Affiliate Domination Blueprint Review, this system is really built entirely around traffic and getting the proper amount of it to your offers.  Again while I don’t want to give away too much of the product, I can say that there are basically 3 steps (or systems) that we will be using which include both paid and free traffic.  The 3 ways in which you will get visitors to see (and then buy) your offers is with Pay-Per-Click advertising via Bing Ads and Facebook Ads and also via email marketing.  This is really the crux of the system and it is why I think that Affiliate Domination Blueprint is really a “MUST BUY” product for anyone who is serious about making money online with affiliate marekting because the entire system is designed to solve the biggest problem that almost everyone who tries to make money with affiliate marketing has which is how to get enough people to see your offers to actually make a decent income online.

Affiliate Domination Blueprint Review

Affiliate Domination Blueprint Review

So after performing my Affiliate Domination Blueprint Review, I can honestly say that this is actually a “business in a box” if you will because it gets you started on the right footing with affiliate marketing from day one by getting you to set up a consistent system designed to build you a consistent and steady stream of traffic and visitors to all of your affiliate offers.

The other thing that I really like and what sets this product apart from other similar affiliate marketing WSO’s is that it is not one traffic method, not two, but three complete and separate traffic methods that work simultaneously to actually get you a “flood” of visitors to all of your offers.  If you can build up a steady and consistent traffic stream with three completely separate and independent systems in place – all designed to get you a ton of visitors clicking on your affiliate links, then you will see steady success and it will be very possible to go from zero to $100+ per day all the way to full-time six-figure affiliate marketer.

Affiliate Domination Blueprint Review

Affiliate Domination Blueprint Review

So, to recap and conclude my Affiliate Domination Blueprint Review, this is a complete “hold you by the hand and lead you to success” system that is laid out for you on video in a completely “no-brainer” step-by-step simple to follow blueprint on how to set up a wildly successful affiliate marketing business.  In short, if you follow this sytem and just put in the necessary work and effort, you really will have everything you will need to get to a consistent $100 – $200+ per day online.

So my Affiliate Domination Blueprint Review would not be complete without some mention of whether or not there any OTO’s and, of course, what they are.  Yes, there are two OTO’s which, in my opinion, are not necessary to make the main method work but definitely do complemen the main front end course.

Affiliate Domination Blueprint OTO 1 – This is a series of two case studies that are laid out for you from start to finish so that you can actually see the full Affiliate Domination Blueprint method in action.  These case studies are very detailed and complete and really nothing is left out.  Samuel and Edwin show you the exact affiliate offers that were used, the actual landing pages and ad copy, the specific targeting and interests that were utilized so that you can see exactly how they actually put this system into action and the exact results they got with it.

Affiliate Domination Blueprint OTO 2 – This is a series of “Done For You” offers that you can actually just “plug and play” right out of the box.  Everything is again laid out in extreme detail with nothing left out.  You will receive the exact offers to promote, the specific landing pages and ad copy to use, the way to target your audience and what interests to use, as well as a 7-day email follow-up sequence to help you close sales and make commissions.  To cap it off, Samuel and Edwin will actually be available to anyone who picks up these Done For You campaigns via Facebook to answer any questions or just provide general help should it be needed.



Private Mastermind Group – This is Exclusive Access to a Private Mastermind Group of other Affiliate Domination Blueprint Members where you can exchange ideas, see what’s working for other members and get ideas from other people’s successes and failures, and get all of your questions answered live and in real time!

LIVE Q&A Training Session – This will be an exclusive “No Pitch” 100% pure value and training session with Samuel and Edwin where they will answer all of your questions so that you literally can’t fail with this because they will be right there with you every step of the way.  The creators of this product want you to succeed and they want to be there for you to help you out in any way possible.

“Quick Results” Case Study – You will receive access to an Exclusive Bonus Case Study where you will literally see Samuel and Edwin go through the complete Affiliate Domination Blueprint system and create a successfull profitable affiliate campaign in minutes.  The idea behind this case study is so you can see how quickly and easily this can be implemented and so you can get results in hours, not days!

Crazy Traffic Explosion – A great little method to inject even more money creating traffic into your affiliate campaigns.  With this guide, you will quickly and easily add anywhere between 100 – 500 additional visitors to your offers everyday.  This ensures that all of your affiliate campaigns will be both successful and profitable.

Free Traffic Frenzy – Want to squeeze out even more profits from your affiliate marketing efforts.  Well this will show you how to maximize all of your free traffic so that you literally get mountains of traffic seeing all of your offers with absolutely no out-of-pocket expense.

CPA Income Crusher – Why not squeeze even more profits out of all of that traffic you will be generating with these easy to set up CPA campaigns.  Each campaign is designed to get you between $50 – $100 additional per day from each one of your affiliate maketing campaigns.  This ensures you will be profitable from Day One!


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