LinkedProfits Review and Bonuses by Ian Michaels


Ease Of Training




Value for Money



  • A Complete LinkedIn Marketing Business In A Box - With Full Training and Powerful Lead Generation Software
  • Top Notch Training From A 7-Figure Full-Time LinkedIn Marketer
  • Very Comprehensive Training With A Live Webinar Training As Well As A Live Q&A Session To Make Sure You Are Successful With The Product And Training


  • Not A Passive System In That The Leads Will Need To Be Marketed To Or Sold To Others In Order To Generate Income - Will Still Require Work
  • Will Take Some Time To Fully Implement The System And Turn This Into A Full-Time Business


LinkedProfits Review and Bonuses by Ian Michaels


LinkedProfits Review and Bonuses

LinkedProfits Review and Bonuses

Thanks for taking a look at my LinkedProfits review! This is Ian Michaels, owner and operator of It’s truly awesome that you’ve chosen to join me.

If you’re someone who is looking to enjoy a whole new reality by earning your living (or even just a few extra bucks) from your home computer, you’ll be well-served to continue reading.

It’s now time to scrutinize the heck out of Greig Wells’s LinkedProfits. If it’s worthy of your consideration, you’ll know by the time you’ve finished with this review. Trust me, you’ll soon know if it’s not! 😉

Okay, here we go……


LinkedProfits – The Basics:


As I’ve already mentioned, LinkedProfits is a “make money online” course created by Greig Wells. The sales page claims that Greig was able to make thousands of dollars generating leads on LinkedIn. Is this feasible? We’ll know shortly. But first things first…

LinkedProfits is a combination full automated lead generation software suite and comprehensive training package that covers topics ranging from how to target the perfect audience on LinkedIn that are absolutely primed with cash in hand ready to purchase exactly what you have to offer, to how to use the super simple and completely automated lead generation software to find the perfect audience for whatever it is that you are selling, to how to make thousands of dollars off of all of the leads you have generated either selling to them yourself or selling them to other users on LinkedIn who will pay you handsomely.


LinkedProfits Review and Bonuses

LinkedProfits Review and Bonuses

A number of bonuses are also included, such as full access to a live webinar with Greig Wells where he breaks down his entire $1.2 Million Dollar LinkedIn Lead Generation business, Greig will be showing you multiple ways to profit from your LinkedIn leads by either selling to them yourself or selling them for boatloads of cash to others, and a LIVE Q & A Session with Greig where he answers all of your questions so that you absolutely start making money the day you start using the system. These bonuses do seem to compliment the offer pretty well.

LinkedProfits Review and Bonuses

LinkedProfits Review and Bonuses

To sweeten the pot even further, I have some great bonuses of my own to offer you, should you choose to buy LinkedProfits through my link today. We’ll talk more about those at the end of the review. First, let’s dig a bit deeper into the offer…


LinkedProfits: What’s the Price?


This question is, in my opinion, the best starting point. Big, drawn-out price reveals, saved until the end of a presentation, tend to annoy me. So I’ll tell you straight up that, as of this writing, this course is selling for $27. This is the price as of this writing, anyway. A price hike is most likely to happen sooner than later.


Will I Be Offered Upsells After Buying LinkedProfits?


Yes, there are two upgrades available with this particular offer. Included among these are the PRO version of the LinkedProfits software which has many advanced features and will literally allow you to get a steady stream of virtually unlimited leads from LinkedIn in any niche on complete autopilot for $67, LinkedProfits “Closer” System Done-For-You – this is Greig’s complete system on how to “close” the deal every time and turn all of your leads into cold hard cash. This comes with all of the scripts, calls to actions, and best niches to build a complete six-figure business on LinkedIn that does all of the work for you at $97.

These are “value-added” upsells, which is to say that the effectiveness of the front end product is enhanced by them. However, please don’t think that you NEED them in order for LinkedProfits to work.

Truthfully, the front-end product OUGHT to help you make money as-is. We’re simply asking… is it actually GONNA?


LinkedProfits Review… Will LinkedProfits Truly Produce Results?


Let’s not beat around the bush. Can you really expect LinkedProfits to help you make any money? Unfortunately, the “annoying” truth is… it depends on you. I can say that the proof on the sales page does seem convincing.

LinkedProfits Review and Bonuses

LinkedProfits Review and Bonuses

In all seriousness, the vast majority of programs can make you money, but only provided you’re able and willing to put in the work long enough to actually make money.

Trouble is, a lot of programs take far too long to make you any money. They’re also likely to require more of your blood, sweat, and tears than you’re comfortable giving. It’s just so easy to walk away in the search for something “faster” and “easier” when so much is expected of you without any guarantee of a payoff.

I actually really like that LinkedProfits is a complete system that is really designed quite brilliantly to ensure your success.  The first component of the system is the killer Lead Generation software that will make it super simple to harvest extremely qualified and targeted leads on LinkedIn.  But the second, and perhaps more important, component of the system is really the in-depth training that Greig is providing which will show you how to actually turn those leads into dollars.  You will learn how to sell products and services to your leads or how to actually make thousands of dollars every month as a true lead generation specialist selling the leads to other LinkedIn members.  This product really is the “total package” and has everything that you would really need to be successful.

In all honesty, if you’re willing to go for it… just for a little while, I can see you making money before long. A minimal amount of time and effort will still be required of you, but that’ll be true no matter what path you follow. 🙂

The question is, how long will positive results take to achieve? The official product page states that money may just start pouring into your account in as little as 24 hours. This does seem feasible to me, after having gone through the product myself. If you’re okay with that, then you may be wise to consider making this investment.

LinkedProfits Review and Bonuses

LinkedProfits Review and Bonuses

Obviously, neither myself nor Greig Wells can legally make any income guarantees. Individual results come to individual people. And there can be extreme variance from on person’s results to the next. That said, good results are always the result of taking action, so give LinkedProfits all you’ve got and I believe you’ll do great!

Naturally, this course has its flaws too. It can’t ALL be good. So at this time, let’s go ahead and look at both the good AND the bad points regarding LinkedProfits. And right afterward, I’ll unveil my bonuses, which were designed to help you reach even greater heights in much less time. 🙂


LinkedProfits – What’s Good:


  • a very complete system with an entire software system and detailed training on how to become a lead generation powerhouse on LinkedIn
  • you get to use the same exact system that the most successful lead generation specialist on LinkedIn has been using, tweaking, and perfecting for years to build his own 7-figure business
  • LIVE webinar style training and Q & A sessions to make sure that you are successful with this system

LinkedProfits – What’s Bad:

  • not a passive system – you will have to turn all of the leads that you generate with this system into money by either selling to them or selling them to others
  • will take some time to build up to a full-time 6-figure business
  • relies upon LinkedIn which is a social media platform that many people may not be as experienced with as other social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram

I wouldn’t say that these negatives really hurt your chances of success. But just to cover bases, I’m giving you a few of my best bonuses for taking action today. Here’s what you’re getting…


LinkedIn Profit System:


LinkedProfits Bonuses

LinkedProfits Bonuses

A 12 Part Step-by-Step Video Series that helps you to position yourself as the “go-to” expert on LinkedIn. This training will allow you to stand out on LinkedIn by learning to craft the perfect profile so that prospects will literally come to you rather than you having to chase after people. Combining the power of a killer profile with Greig’s lead generation secrets will allow you to literally turn LinkedIn into your own personal ATM machine.


LinkedIn Marketing Made Easy 3.0:


LinkedProfits Bonuses

LinkedProfits Bonuses

A Comprehensive 20 part training course that takes you from complete LinkedIn newbie to a seasoned vet and lets you complete dominate the world’s most profitable social media platform, LinkedIn. The perfect accompaniment to LinkedProfits for those who have never marketed on LinkedIn before.


LinkedIn Traffic Generation Mastery:


LinkedProfits Bonuses

LinkedProfits Bonuses

This is MASTER Level training that will allow you to completely dominate LinkedIn marketing by harnessing the awesome power of two very unique features on LinkedIn – Groups and Events. These are little known and completely next level marketing strategies that only the top level LI marketers know and use. These types of strategies are what separate the six from seven figure marketers on LinkedIn.

What it comes down to is, I enthusiastically want for you take LinkedProfits and make a fortune with it! I’ve come up with this next-level bonus offer for this precise reason. I would never try to insult your intelligence by offering you some bogus “$25,000 value” bonus package on a product that sells for only $27.

These types of bonuses most times consist of ineffective, outdated master resell rights crap. They aren’t really intended to help you make more money online. Mine, on the other hand, are. 🙂

So if LinkedProfits sounds like something that you can use in your own online money-making endeavors, then I encourage you to order it by clicking here right away. Make a note, this deal ends soon, so take advantage while you still can.

LinkedProfits and my white-hot bonuses are about to give you an unbelievable chance at enjoying the success you truly deserve. Honestly, I think you’d be very wise to get in on this opportunity while you still can.

You should be thanked and congratulated for reading my full review. I hope you consider this to have been useful. Now go make it happen!

– Ian Michaels

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