Ninja Shoppe Review

Ninja Shoppe Review


Ease Of Training




Value for Money



  • A Fully Functioning Online Shoppe Ready To Make Sales While You Sleep 24/7
  • Completely Automated With No Need To Worry About Set Up, Products, Or Traffic
  • Easily Scalable - This Can Become A Complete 6 Figure Business That Can Be Scaled to $500 - $1000 Per Day!
  • Very Detailed and Comprehensive Training Provided


  • Need To Have Some Basic ECommerce Knowledge and Understanding
  • Sales May Be Slow At First But Should Grow Over Time

Ninja Shoppe Review

Check Out My Ninja Shoppe Review To Learn How You Can Make Over $8,000+ Per Month With A Fully Functional Affiliate Shop…That You Created in Less Than 60 Seconds!


In my Ninja Shoppe Review, I will be showing you how you can make over $8000+ per month with the power of eCommerce.  Let’s face it, eCommerce is huge these days.  Amazon sells almost 500 million products in the United States alone.  And that’s just Amazon – don’t forget about huge sites like eBay, FlipKart, Alibaba, SnapDeal, etc.  There is no question that there are millions and millions of dollars to be made by selling products online.

Ninja Shoppe let’s you set up a complete “ready-to-go” affiliate shop in literally seconds with just the push of a button!

Ninja Shoppe Review

Ninja Shoppe Review

The problem is setting up an online affiliate shop can be a lot of hard work.  You have to set up the website by getting hosting, installing the theme and all of the plugins, and laying out all of the design work.  Then once you have the website set up, you have to do product research, source all of the products, and then figure out how you will be shipping them to your customers.  Finally, once you have everything set up you have to actually attract customers to your online shop so you can make sales.

All of the hard work that goes into setting up a successful online affiliate shop can turn a lot of people away from this very profitable method.  But what if there was a way to skip all of the hard work and just get to good part – making sales and profits!  Well, that’s where Ninja Shoppe comes in!

Ninja Shoppe Review

Ninja Shoppe Review

Ninja Shoppe takes all of the hard work of setting up your shop and completely simplifies it.  And when I say simplifies it, I mean it will set up a fully functional “ready-to-go” shop with just a few clicks of the mouse and in under 60 seconds flat!

All of the important tasks that go into setting up your shop, stocking it with hot products, and getting sales are completely taken care of by the revolutionary Ninja Shoppe software.  Everything is completely cloud based so there is no need for messing around with domain names, hosting, themes, etc.  It is all completely taken care of for you and, best of all, the sites that Ninja Shoppe creates are completely stunning!

Ninja Shoppe Review

Ninja Shoppe Review

As far as getting products, Ninja Shoppe has you covered.  The software gets you UNLIMITED products from all of the top eCommerce websites including Amazon, eBay, AliExpress.  This is all done each and every day on complete 100% autopilot – no muss, no fuss!  And the software is completely self-updating so there is no need for you to worry about tracking inventory, items going in and out of stock – Ninja Shoppe does all of this for you so you can just sit back and cash in on the sales in the background.

Now, of course, you will need to attract visitors to your shop so that you can sell all of the products that you have.  Well, once again, Ninja Shoppe has all of this take care of for you.  The software will create unique, 100% SEO optimized content to drive tons of traffic to your online store.  You will be getting Viral Traffic from 7 major Social Media sites – including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, sending out viral videos, tweets, and feeds to drive unlimited traffic to your store.

Want to see Ninja Shoppe in action?  Well check out this demo video which shows you all of the amazing features…

Best of all, once you have attracted your visitors to your store, Ninja Shoppe has the ability to capture leads and build your email list so you can market to your customers over and over again.  The software has full autoresponder and webinar integration so the possibilities are endless!  You can easily scale this to $500 – $1000 per day and create a full-time income online.  And you dont’ need any experience at all to do this, full and complete training is provided!

Ninja Shoppe Review

Ninja Shoppe Review

Are there any OTO’s?  This Ninja Shoppe Review would not be complete without a description of all of the upsells and options that are available to maximize your purchase.  Now, while the software package that is provided in the front end product is very complete and is all that you need to make the system successful, there are several additional OTO’s for those who want to take the Ninja Shoppe to the next level.

Ninja Shoppe OTO 1 is  Ninja Shoppe Elite which will allow you to incorporate two additional eCom sources to add even more great products to your stores that you can sell for even more profits.  In addition, there are an additional 15 different theme options available for even more shop customization.  The Ninja Shoppe Elite version also offers the ability to incorporate custom user reviews which, as we know, can be very powerful in driving additional sales to your store for 5x the profits.

Ninja Shoppe OTO 2 is Ninja Shoppe Enterprise which will help you to boost your traffic and sales by incorporating visitors from two additional social media platforms as well as two image sharing sites.  The Enterprise edition also has social backlinking incorporated to drive virtually unlimited traffic for each product that you have in your store.  This OTO also allows you to add in additional revenue streams with Google AdSense and Custom Banner Ad Incorporation.  There is also custom reporting and analytic options as well as the ability to incorporate up to 5 team members to help turn your stores into a true online empire.

Ninja Shoppe OTO 3 is Ninja Shoppe Reseller license.  This allows you to sell this awesome software package to anyone anywhere and keep 100% of the profits.

Ninja Shoppe OTO 4 is the Ninja Shoppe Premium Membership with Agency License.  The premium membership will deliver 5 brand new themes each and every month.  In addition, the agency license will allow you to set up online affiliate shops for others and create your own eCom Agency.



WP Video Focus – a WordPress plugin that allows you to clip your video and attach it to any corner of the page.  This will keep your video playing when users scroll down on the page so you don’t lose their attention.  This increases visitor engagement and conversion.

Amazon Affiliate Profits Video Upgrade – a complete video course designed to take anyone from zero to Amazon Super Affiliate!  All aspects of successful marketing and selling on Amazon are covered in great detail.

Amazon Affiliate Marketing – another complete bonus training designed to provide you with the necessary knowledge and skills to build a full-time income online by promoting Amazon products through both direct selling as well as the Amazon Affiliate program.

Amazon FBA Tips and Tricks – this product teaches you how to find products and then sell them on Amazon through their “Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA)” program for profits of anywhere from 10% – 200% of what you originally paid to source the products.  Another complete “business in a box” training system.

Two Step Opt-in Generator – this software will allow you to build stunning two-step opt-in pages with lightboxes.  You can include videos or images with your opt-in pages and this will work with any autoresponder service.  A “must have” tool!

Amazon Affiliate Blueprint – a complete step-by-step roadmap to becoming the next Amazon Super Affiliate.  How to literally go from zero to Six Figures in as little as the next 90 days on Amazon.

Auto Support Bot – this software will allow you to have your very own 24/7 Live Chat Support without you actually having to do any work.  This works completely in the background and is set it up once and allow it to work on autopilot.  A great conversion booster allowing you to cash in on the same strategy that the biggest eCom giants online use to pump up their sales and profits!

WP Copy Guard – with this plugin you will never have to worry about the content on your website being stolen and used by others.  This ensures that your content is “unique” which is what Google absolutely loves – this will boost your traffic and sales and make your sites much more secure.

WP Slideshow Master – create stunning professional quality Slideshows in minutes with this poweful WordPress plugin.  The plugin also allows you to place social sharing buttons on each one of your slides and slideshows which means that your visitors can share your content across all of the major social platforms for an unbelievable boost in traffic to your website.

Easy Code Pro – this software will allow you to add any code or scripts onto your website without actually having to do any coding.  Perfect for the non-techie, this will allow you to install Google Analytics on your website so you can boost traffic to the site with this powerful platform.  A perfect traffic booster for your eCom shops!

LinkedIn Magic – this tool is designed to drive traffic from LinkedIn by automatically endorsing all of your friends and connections.  This will build up your traffic, engagement, and following on LinkedIn completely on autopilot which is a tremendous timesaver.  This can run in the background and drive a steady stream of influencers to your affiliate shops.

True Tags Software – this software will allow you to see the tags that the top videos on YouTube are using to drive traffic to their videos.  You can then incorporate these same tags in your videos for instant traffic and rankings on YouTube.  Another “must have” tool for the serious YouTube marketer!

Solo Ad Guru – another awesome traffic source to your affiliate shops and stores can by through solo ads.  This training product helps you to learn how to make the most of solo ads and how to make sure you always make a profit with every solo ad you purchase.

Instant Squeeze Builder – create high quality visually attractive squeeze pages in seconds with this software.  Absolutely no coding or technical knowledge required – just “fill in the blanks” and your squeeze page will be up and grabbing opt-ins on your website in minutes.

People Stock Images V2 – high quality professional stock images to use in your affiliate shoppes.  Never pay for stock images again!

Easy Sales Blueprint Videos – even if you have never made a single online sale, this training will give you the ability to become an online sales machine and to literally go from zero to full-time income with your own online income.



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