The Tube Funnel Review

Tube Funnel Review


Ease Of Training




Value for Money



  • Very Complete Step-by-Step Training
  • Blueprint And Step-By-Step Checklist Included
  • Multiple Traffic Methods Presented To Earn Even More Money!


  • Requires Some Video Creation
  • Ranking On YouTube Can Take Some Time

The Tube Funnel Review

Check Out My Tube Funnel Review To Learn How You Can Make Over $167 Per Day – And Finally Escape The 9 To 5 Rat Race!


In my Tube Funnel Review, I will be showing you how you can make over $167 per day with the power of YouTube.  Did you know that YouTube has over 1 Billion active users each month.  That is a lot of potential people viewing your videos and a lot of potential eyeballs on your offers.

The problem is how do you turn those eyeballs and visitors to your videos into paying customers.  In other words, how do you go from people viewing your videos to you getting paying affiliate commissions.  Well in The Tube Funnel, creator Mark Wightley shows you not 1, not 2, but 3 different methods to get tons of visitors to your videos and, more importantly, how to turn those video views into a full-time income…all on complete autopilot!

Tube Funnel Review

Tube Funnel Review

In order to make money on YouTube (or any Social Media platform for that matter), what you really need to have is a sales funnel.  In The Tube Funnel, Mark not only shows you how to make a complete sales funnel so that you can earn affiliate commissions, he shows you how you can build a funnel that converts.

What’s more is that Mark shows you step-by-step exactly what tools to use and how to structure your sales funnel so that you make the most sales possible with your videos.  Best of all, Mark shows you how to set up your entire sales funnel completely free….at ZERO COST!

What makes The Tube Funnel so powerful is that while there have been many previous products that have shown people how to create videos to promote affiliate products or even how to rank your videos on YouTube to get the most views, this product goes a step beyond by giving you a complete step-by-step system to make affiliate commissions.  No stone is left unturned as you are taught exactly how to create your videos, how to upload and then rank them on YouTube for maximum exposure and views, and then how to create a product sales funnel that brings you the most money.  In short, how to become a Super Affiliate and make A TON of money doing it!


Tube Funnel Review

Tube Funnel Review

Inside of the member’s area, you will have everything you need to make over $100 consistently each and every day…all completely laid out for you.

Firstly, you will have access to the full step-by-step Tube Funnel blueprint.  This is an extremely detailed PDF guide which takes you by the hand and walks you through every single part of the process – from beginning to end.  Just follow along with the over-the-shoulder sequence and you will have everything you need to go from zero to full-time income.

Secondly, to ensure your success you will have access to the step-by-step checklist.  This really helps to solidify all of the concepts provided in the PDF guide.  You simple follow the checklist and complete each step in order…it couldn’t be simpler.  With the PDF guide and the step-by-step checklist, this is a complete system that is ready to be deployed to help you create a life-changing income.

Tube Funnel Review

Tube Funnel Review

As I mentioned in the beginning of this review, Mark has really gone above and beyond with this training by providing you with three main methods to get traffic to your money producing funnels.

First, you will learn how to rank effortlessly in YouTube for any keyword.  Next, Mark shows you how to key in on popular trends and topics by ranking on YouTube as a “Related Video” for very popular and highly searched topics and videos.  Finally, you will learn how to properly set up and run YouTube video ads.

When you combine all three methods for getting traffic to your videos and sales funnels, you have a recipe for consistent $100 – $200 days!  No experience or special skills are required and no one gets left behind with this training.

Tube Funnel Review

Tube Funnel Review

Are there any OTO’s?  While the training in the front end product is very complete and is all that you need to make the system successful, there are two additional OTO’s for those who want to take the Tube Funnel to the next level.

Tube Funnel OTO 1 is the entire Tube Funnel system presented Live on video.  A complete video training is presented so you can literally watch over-the-shoulder from start to finish as Mark sets up an entire money producing YouTube sales funnel.  There is also additional advanced training provided including extensive training on incorporating email marketing into your sales funnels, two additional FREE traffic sources, Mark’s patented “Tube Equation System”, and three additional bonuses.

Tube Funnel OTO 2 is four (4) completely “Done For You” sales funnels – ready to go and be deployed to start bringing in traffic and sales today.  These are four complete copy and paste sales funnels with everything you could possibly need to make money.  Everything is included from landing pages to thank you pages to free offers to use with the funnels to collect leads; it’s literally everything that you could possibly need.  And, of course, there is complete step-by-step video training on how to rapidly set up and deploy these funnels.  Again, this OTO is for those who literally want to start making money today.



Turbo Push Notifications – this software makes it super simple to send notifications to your audience, no email list required.  If you want to build an email list, the software has that option as well and then allows you to send notifications to them without all the hard work usually involved.  This is the fastest way to build, maintain, and grow an audience.

Keyword Research – Ninja – this is another software that allows you to uncover “hidden” keywords which are both profitable and easy to rank for.  By finding highly profitable yet more targeted keywords, this tool will help you to discover hidden keywords and niche markets which you can totally dominate…with less effort!

Software ‘True Tags’ – what this software does is uncover the “True Tags” for a particular video so that you can then incorporate those same tags into your own videos to boost your YouTube rankings.  With this tool, you can totally dominate the rankings for any keyword…faster by manipulating the YouTube algorithm in your favor.

Simple Membership Site Generator – the easiest membership site generator on the planet.  If you have ever wanted to have your own super profitable membership site to generate recurring revenue month after month then this is a “must have” software.




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