Video Traffic Genie 2.0 Review and Bonuses by Ian Michaels

Video Traffic Genie 2.0 Review


Ease Of Training




Value for Money



  • Super Simple Technique To Start Making Money In As Little As 24 Hours
  • Step-By-Step Over-the-Shoulder Video Training with 3 Detailed Case Studies Provided
  • Simple Plug-And-Play Software Suite Provided To Allow To Start Making Money Quickly and Effortlessly


  • Relies Upon Traffic Generated By Other People's Videos Rather Than Your Own Efforts
  • May Take Some Time To Reach Consistent $100 - $200 Per Day


Video Traffic Genie 2.0 Review and Bonuses by Ian Michaels


Video Traffic Genie 2.0 Review

Video Traffic Genie 2.0 Review

Welcome to my Video Traffic Genie 2.0 Review! If you were unaware, this is Ian Michaels, and I run I’m glad that you’re here with me.

If you’re someone who wants to enjoy a whole new reality by making money online, then you’ll be well-served to continue reading.

It’s now time to scrutinize the heck out of Joshua Zamora and Paul Venables’s Video Traffic Genie 2.0. It’s time to find out if it’s actually worth a damn. If it’s not, you’ll know that too! 😉

Video Traffic Genie 2.0 Review

Video Traffic Genie 2.0 Review

Ready? Let’s begin…


Video Traffic Genie 2.0 at a Glance:


Video Traffic Genie 2.0, as I’ve already mentioned, is a “make money online” course created by Joshua Zamora and Paul Venables. The “big promise” of the Video Traffic Genie 2.0 system is how to earn passive commissions by legally stealing other people’s video traffic We’ll soon see how feasible this is. But first things first…

Video Traffic Genie 2.0 Review

Video Traffic Genie 2.0 Review

Profiting effortlessly with a ton of video traffic to all of your offers is the main topic covered in this 7 module video course.

If you like bonuses, you’ll probably really enjoy Joshua and Paul’s Zamurai Clickbank Rolodex V1 – 10 high converting offers you can start promoting and make money with today, Joshua’s SECRET list of high-paying Private Affiliate Programs which will give you traininig on how to get access to these super select and uber profitable affiliate programs so you can make crazy bank with super exclusive offers no one else is promoting, and Zamurai Clickbank Rolodex V2 – an additional 10 super high converting offers to start making even more money right away. These definitely add some value to this offer.

And if you happen to buy Video Traffic Genie 2.0 through my link today, I’ve got some irresistible bonuses for you, as well. Of course, we’ll talk more about those at the end of the review. Video Traffic Genie 2.0 itself is what we’ll discuss first…


Video Traffic Genie 2.0: What’s the Price?


Cost is always the first thing I look at, actually. I’m not a big fan of slow price reveals. As I’m writing this review, Joshua and Paul is charging $27 for Video Traffic Genie 2.0. Well, at least that’s how much it costs at the time of this writing. Joshua and Paul will likely raise it soon.


Will I Be Offered Upsells After Buying Video Traffic Genie 2.0?


Yes, upgrades are available. In fact, this offer comes with three. You can get Video Traffic Genie 2.0 Gold for $47, Video Traffic Genie 2.0 + Syndlab 25K at $47, Video Traffic Genie 2.0 + Syndbuddy at $67.

These seem to possess a “value-added” characteristic, meaning that you should be able to experience even greater success with the front-end product by using them. But I seriously doubt that you’ll need ANY of them in order for Video Traffic Genie 2.0 to give you some good results.

In all reality, Joshua and Paul’s main product is TOUTED as being able to help you make money right out of the box. What we wanna know is… WILL it really?


Video Traffic Genie 2.0 Review… Does Video Traffic Genie 2.0 Really Live Up to the Hype?


Let’s just get right to it. Is Video Traffic Genie 2.0 actually going to make you money? I don’t want to be the person who says this, but… it’s likely dependent upon you. I can say that the proof on the sales page does seem convincing.

Video Traffic Genie 2.0 Review

Video Traffic Genie 2.0 Review

In all seriousness, most strategies do have the ability to make you money, but only provided you’re able and willing to actually employ what’s being taught long enough to see results.

The problem is, a huge number of courses are seriously inefficient. It could also be that they require you to work your butt off for very little (if any) initial reward. It’s just so easy to walk away in the search for something “faster” and “easier” when so much is expected of you without any guarantee of a payoff.

What I can say about Video Traffic Genie 2.0 is that this is a very complete product that includes step-by-step training, very detailed case studies (3) which show you over-the-shoulder exactly how to make money with this technique, and finally a complete software suite designed to make sure that this is absolutely drop-dead simple. In other words, Video Traffic Genie 2.0 has gone above and beyond to make sure that you are absolutely successful with this method and I have no doubt that you will make money if you just follow the paint-by-numbers instructions that Joshua and Paul have provided for you.

When the smoke clears, as long as you’re willing to give it all you’ve got, I have little doubt you’ll make money before long. You really just need to trust yourself and the process for long enough to start getting results. 🙂

So how long will it actually take? On the official product page, Joshua and Paul suggests that it may be able to happen in around less than 24 hours. Seems about right to me, having gone through the course firsthand. If that sounds good to you, then this may be a purchase worth making.

Income guarantees obviously can’t be made. Individual people will experience individual results. And results often vary significantly. But I really believe that you’ll do great with Video Traffic Genie 2.0 if you follow it with everything you’ve got!

As with any course, there is certainly bad to accompany the good. Before we do anything else, we should make sure you’re getting the full story by covering both the pros AND the cons. When we’re done, I’ll go ahead and let you see my incredible bonuses, which really erase the cons and add even more pros to the equation. 🙂


Video Traffic Genie 2.0 Pros:


  • super simple technique to start making money in as little as 24 hours
  • step-by-step over-the-shoulder video training with 3 super detailed case studies provided
  • simple plug-and-play software included to make everything absolutely effortless


Video Traffic Genie 2.0 Cons:


    • relies on traffic generated by other people’s video rather than your own efforts
    • may take some time to build this up to consistent $100 – $200 days

Your success won’t likely be hindered at all by these “bad” points. However, I’d like to treat you to a few of my exclusive bonuses for picking up Video Traffic Genie 2.0 through my link today. Here’s what I’ve put together for you…


Video Marketing Blueprint:


Video Traffic Genie 2.0 Bonuses

Video Traffic Genie 2.0 Bonuses

This is a proven master blueprint on how to use and master video marketing to grow your business and earn insane profits and commissions online


Online Video Marketing Mayhem:


Video Traffic Genie 2.0 Bonuses

Video Traffic Genie 2.0 Bonuses

Learn how to absolutely crush it with video marketing and explode your earnings to undremed of heights with video marketing


Video Marketing Mastery:


Video Traffic Genie 2.0 Bonuses

Video Traffic Genie 2.0 Bonuses

This is the master’s level course on how to absolutely become a video marketing superstar and start earnings thousands of dollars per day with video marketing

Listen, I very much want to know that you’ve given yourself every advantage to succeed here today! I’ve come up with these bonuses for this reason. I would never try to insult your intelligence by offering you some bogus “$25,000 value” bonus package on a product that sells for only $27.

These hyper-inflated value bonuses comprised primarily of irrelevant, unhelpful PLR foolishness. These honestly aren’t actually intended to help you make more money online. My bonuses, conversely, are. 🙂

In all, I’d say that Video Traffic Genie 2.0 is worth the small investment, and then some. If you agree, then you can order it from the official site right away. Don’t forget, this offer won’t be around long, so get in while you can.

You’re seriously boosting your chances of online success by combining Video Traffic Genie 2.0 and my bonuses. Please don’t just get Video Traffic Genie 2.0 and my bonuses… actually USE them.

You are to be congratulated and thanked for your attention to my review. Hopefully this has served you. Now go make it happen! 😉

– Ian Michaels

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