VidRankXpress Review

VidRankXpress Review

VidRankXpress Review


Ease Of Training




Value for Money



  • A Completely Hands Free And Automated System For UNLIMITED TRAFFIC!
  • Works With ANY OFFER In ANY NICHE!
  • Evergreen - Video Will Always Be A POWERHOUSE Of Unlimited Buyer Traffic


  • May Require Some Time and Effort To Set Up Full 3-Step System
  • Some Experience With Youtube And Video Helpful (But Not Required)

VidRankXpress Review

Check Out My VidRankXpress Review To Learn About A Revolutionary “Hands Free” Software That Will Allow You To Quickly and Easily Earn Thousands of Dollars Each and Every Month By Driving Unlimited Buyer Traffic To ANY Video In ANY Niche…All In 3 Easy Steps!


Let’s face it – if you want to make money online then you know that traffic is essential.  In fact, traffic is really the “lifeblood” of any real online (or offline for that matter) business.  If you want to be successful and make A LOT of money online, you need traffic…period.

But getting traffic can be very hard.  In fact, most internet marketers stuggle with getting traffic to their offers and many will eventually give up because they just can’t get the necessary amount of traffic to be successful.

What you are about to learn in my VidRankXpress Review will literally solve all of your traffic problems forever!  Now there is a brand new software product that makes getting all the traffic that you could ever want completely “hands-free” and 100% automated.  And you can get all the traffic you could ever need to any offer you want and in any niche you want in just 3 simple steps.  It literally couldn’t be any easier and you can start earning hundreds of dollars per day and thousands of dollars per month…all spending just a few minutes everyday to get all the traffic you could ever need!


VidRankXpress Review

VidRankXpress Review

Now don’t let the fact that this involves video marketing scare you off.  I know a lot of internet marketers, especially those with little experience or “newbies”, are intimidated by video marketing and Youtube.  They think that this will be too hard or too time consuming or they will put in a tremendous amount of time and effort only to have the system fail.  Well, after going through VidRankXpress, I can be very confident in telling you that this will definitely work for you.

VidRankXpress creator Dr. Amit Pareek has made this really super simple to set up and get going with.  He has boiled this down into a simple “paint by numbers” 3-step system where you just follow the steps and you really can’t fail to start seeing loads of targeted buyer traffic come flooding in.  This really is “brain dead” simple!

And the beauty of this system is that it will literally work in ANY NICHE and for ANY OFFER.  That’s right, no matter what you are promoting with VidRankXpress, this incredible software solution will bring you targeted traffic like clockwork.  Whether it’s E-Commerce or Amazon, CPA, Affiliate Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Video Marketing, or, well, ust about anything, VidRankXpress will get you eyeballs on your offers and that’s really what you want when it comes to trying to make money online.  The more people who are exposed to your offers and buy buttons, the more money you will be able to make.  It is just that simple.

VidRankXpress Review

VidRankXpress Review

With the VidRankXpress system, you will literally be able to get Page 1 Rankings on two of the Mega Traffic Hubs on the planet – Youtube and Google.  By having your videos (whih you don’t even have to make yourself by the way) appear on the first page of BOTH Youtube and Google, you will literally have thousands upon thousands of people viewing whatever offer you want.  And the best part about VidRankXpress is that this all occurs automatically just by using the software.  There is nothing else that you need to do other than follow the simple steps and allow the software system to do the rest.  There is no learning curve involved and this will work for both experienced and newbie internet marketers.

Another great thing about VidRankXpress is that the traffic that you generate is really UNLIMITED and VIRAL!  The traffic comes from some of the top Social Media sites on the planet and your offers can quickly go viral with just the push of a button.  Imagine not only unlimited traffic but actually to have your offers go viral – this is a game changer and it can literally build you a 6-figure internet marketing or affiliate marketing business overnight.  And if you run an eCom or other online shop, you can literally see your sales go through the roof with this kind of exposure.  If you are really serious about making a full-time 6 or 7 figure income online, then VidRankXpress is an absolute “NO BRAINER”!

Check Out this VidRankXpress Review Video to Find Out More…

So when I was doing my due diligence in creating this VidRankXpress Review, I wanted to see how easy it was to actually use the software right from the moment I started using it.  I can honestly say that it is an extremely easy to use software suite and really no experience is needed to have success with this product.

Now I don’t want to give you the idea that VidRankXpress is not powerful because it absolutely is a POWERHOUSE in terms of driving targeted buyer traffic to any offer that you choose.  The software will automatically make sure that all of your videos are completely SEO Optimized so they will be guaranteed to rank right on the first page of both Yourube and Google.  With that kind of exposure, you are talking about thousands of people from all over the world being exposed to literally whatever offer you direct them to.

If you have ever dreamed of becoming a “Super Affiliate” than VidRankXpress can definitely make that happen by opening the floodgates of traffic to allow to make sale after sale after sale.  And the best part is that much of the work is completely automated and you only need to do it once to profit from it over and over again.  That is working smarter, no harder in my opinion.

The other thing that I did want to make sure to mention before I wrap up this VidRankXpress Review is that there is plenty of training provided in the member’s area of the software suite.  This is a very user friendly software program to use but there are complete walkthrough guides provided to you that go into extreme detail with regards to not only how to use the software but also some of the Ninja tricks that will allow you to really maximize your efforts and results.  Everything is here that is necessary for you to succeed, nothing is held back or left out!


VidRankXpress Review

VidRankXpress Review

So after performing my VidRankXpress Review, I can honestly say that this is actually a “business builder” or, really, more of an “EMPIRE BUILDER” in terms of setting you up FOR LIFE with as much traffic as you want.  By taking the traffic part out of the internet marketing equation – and, again, this is where most internet marketers struggle and fail is in finding and getting traffic – it literally makes it so simple for you to start earning hundreds of dollars per day and thousands of dollars per month by just utilizing the software and training package that is provided.

As I mentioned before, everything is provided to you that is necessary for you to achieve success so I highly recommend you pick this software up and get started with it today so that you can literally start making hundreds of dollars in sales and commissions as quickly as possible.  So if you want to start making commissions like the ones that are pictured below, this software can make it all possible for you…

VidRankXpress Review

VidRankXpress Review

So, to recap and conclude my VidRankXpress Review, Internet Marketing really boils down to two things and two things only – traffic + offer = sales and commission.  It really is that simple when you think about it, if you can get lots of people to a highly converting offer then you will have the makings of a true 6 or 7 figure online business.  VidRankXpress is the “Traffic” part of the equation, it literally allows you to set up multiple unlimited viral traffic streams to ANY OFFER in ANY NICHE.  You just have to choose where you want the traffic to go and VidRankXpress takes care of the rest!

So my VidRankXpress Review would not be complete without some mention of whether or not there any OTO’s and, of course, what they are.  Yes, there are two OTO’s which, in my opinion, are not necessary to make the main method work but definitely do complemen the main front end course.

VidRankXpress OTO 1 – This is the “Elite” edition which will allow you to get 5x the amount of traffic from the same effort.  Again, this is absolutely not necessary to make the main product work but it can get much more traffic to each of your campaigns and also allows you to make your traffic campaigns more automated through additional software features.

VidRankXpress OTO 2 – This is the “Enterprise” edition which allows you to tap into additional social media platforms for additional traffic streams.  The Enterprise edition allows you get more exposure for each of your videos so that the traffic streams come in much faster.  This is great for things like launch jacking and other types of offers where speed is of the essence.  Again, this is totally unnecessary to make the main offer work.

VidRankXpress OTO 3 – This is the “Reseller” edition which will allow you to actually sell this awesome software package as your own and keep all of the profits.  This is a complete business in a box for affiliates.  You could also start your own traffic getting agency with this and provide this as a service to others.  WOW!

VidRankXpress OTO 4 – This is the “Premium” edition which gives you UNLIMITED benefits on an on-going basis.  For a small monthly recurring fee, you will unlock several unlimited features that are really only necessary for those that want to take this to another level.  Again, not needed to make VidRankXpress work for you with just the main front end offer.



Power Tools Video Site Builder – An AWESOME tool to create powerful, fully functional video sites with just the push of a button!

Video Playbook – This product will give you the blueprint necessary to successfully incorporate videos and video marketing into your online business.  A complete educational product to become an Expert Video Marketer / Youtube Marketer!

Videos For Profit – Another powerful product to bring your skills to the next level with video marketing and the power of Youtube.

Social Marketing Advantage Video Upgrade – Combine the power of social media marketing and video marketing to create a power 1-2 combination which will allow you to dominate the online space with two powerful traffic sources.  Perfect for affiliate marketing, CPA marketing, eCom and literally every other online business.

Content Marketing Blueprint Video Upgrade – Become a Content Marketing Superstar with this powerful product.  Learn how to craft expert conent effortlessly at lightning speed to become a content powerhouse.

WP Video Focus – A powerful WordPress plugin which will allow you to harness the awesome power of video massively and effecitvely on all of your WordPress websites and properties!

Webinar Jackpot Video Course – Want to Make Big Bucks?  By harnessing the power of webinars, you can cash in on high-ticket offers and build a 6 or 7 figure super affiliate business.  Webinars are one of the most powerful methods out there to make massive amounts of money very quickly!

10 Ways To Create The Perfect Online Video Course – Worried that your videos aren’t going to cut it in terms of being able to convert your traffic into sales?  Never have that worry again as you use this powerful video course to learn how to rapidly create powerful sales-oriented videos that will allow to make sale after sale after sale.  A MUST HAVE course!

Easy Video Sales Pages – Video Sales Pages are one of the most powerful ways to make sure that every visitor to your webpage is converted into a paying customer for your product or service.  By utilizing video sales page, this ensures you will be profitable from Day One!

Affiliate Marketing Manager Software – Another powerful tool suite for affiliate marketers, this collection of software tools will allow you to manage all of your affiliate marketing campaigns from one powerful dashboard.

YT Rank Analyzer – This software system will allow you to keep track of all of your Youtube videos so you can know exactly where your videos are ranking.  A Must Have tool for any serious video marketer!

Free Traffic System Advanced – Video is just one piece of the traffic puzzle and while you can build a hugely successful and highly profitable online business with just video marketing, if you add in additional completely free traffic streams such as social media and email, you can see your profits skyrocket very quickly.

Niche Marketing Pro – Become a Niche Marketing Superstar.  With this you can set up multiple separate online businesses to multiply all of your video marketing profits and efforts.  This is an “Empire Builder.”

Click HERE To Get VidRankXpress PLUS All Of These AWESOME BONUSES To Start Getting UNLIMITED TRAFFIC And To Start Making Hundreds of Dollars Per Day Today!

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